Saturday, 7 February 2009

The hazards of beauty

Yesterday morning I was filled with the joy of having an extra 15 minutes to get ready as I was driving rather than walking. So I decided to shave my legs, trouble is I was a bit too speedy and shaved a three inch long piece of skin off my ankle. It really bled, needs four plasters (albeit children's ones) to cover it, and it still hurts. Regret it now.

I tried to wear false eyelashes once too, cleverly put them on to see what they looked like. Then realised I looked a bit stupid but the glue in those days, might have improved now, doesn't allow you to change your mind and just wears off in time. And I of course tried them on just before going out. I remember managing to get one off, but then having to stay in as the other was just stuck on too hard.

This was around the time I suffered a small dry red patch on my face for some weeks. Eventually I succumbed to the worry of my doctor laughing at a consultation for a bit of dry skin and visited the surgery. Imagine my horror when I was told, it wasn't just a patch of dry skin, it was actually a mould. I had a mouldy face! And my mum told her friends (note to self however tempting don't spill beans on children's future embarrassing illness'). Luckily it was remedied healthy again with some sort of anti-fungus cream.

Anyone else care to share?


Sandra Morris said...

I have committed so many cosmetic/beauty faux pas it's impossible to choose just one to share.

In my youth I dallied with false nails which looked disconcertingly like claws, thermo-nuclear heated rollers which gave me first degree burns, kohl pencil both above AND below my eyes which made me look like a startled cartoon character, eyeshadow with big, gloopy chunks of glitter in, ditto, an allergy to leg wax which left my legs looking as if I had leprosy.....
That enough for starters........?

tattyhousehastings said...

I think false nails are always wrong, massively big in London when we lived there - particularly among glamourous ladies. My friend A had some once and got paranoid they were permanently stuck to her as they don't come off either.
Oh, and worryingly I still do kohl above and below my eyes - I think its subtle but may well be wrong. Will check with friends this week - n.b. break it to be gently friends- am I actually stuck in the decade before my birth?

Sandra Morris said...

In my declining years I have forsworn kohl above my eyes and now subscribe to a (similarly hopefully) subtle smokey smidgen below.
The trouble with getting older is that makeup tends to slide off the face....probably it's in sympathy with all the other bits which are succumbing to the inexorable effects of gravity :-(

tattyhousehastings said...

I know but its even worse when you forget to wear it. Did that this week and a lovely friend of mine became very concerned that I was ill, worrying me to. Until I remembered it was just that I'd forgotten to look in mirror/put on eye make up to define eyes, as otherwise they blend in to head in troubling way.