Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year, new post, new me - possibly

It's certainly cold, and I'm absolutely feeling much better now - almost back to normal, though slightly achey from too much time on the sofa!
I'd like to do something fairly dull, and do a list of the great things I'm going to achieve, or give up this year. Instead I'm feeling more likely to shout at myself, as I did at Lovely M when he asked me what my resolutions are.

However the things I'd like to see happen this year are many, and here is a little sampler;

  1. Spend some time in the middle of nowhere in a log cabin - not sure why, just feel need for wilderness, not birdwatching though.
  2. Go out more with Lovely M - need a babysitter for this one, friends, offers?
  3. See little Ol learn to read, he impressed me by reading look on the road today, next step Enid Blyton.
  4. See J get more confident and learn to look at people (especially strange old ladies in Bexhill) when they talk to her, and lose the paralysis of shyness.
  5. Lose some weight (oh, how predictable) - or alternatively just buy some amazing clothes that make me look thinner.
  6. Pay off some money/debts (again, how predictable - but would be fantastic to start next year in a clearer position)
  7. Slug proof the inside of the house, note to others; if you have a slug ridden garden and bring in a tree from outside, the slugs will come too.
  8. Take more photos, and write more meaningful things rather than lists of silly things I, my family and friends have done.
  9. Go to more house parties - even with children, don't need to be big, just fun.
  10. Actually indulge creative side more with visits up to town, and galleries etc, once every couple of months to the local art gallery is not enough; and an hour and a half train ride for some rejuvenation is priceless (sound like advert for Barclaycard/trains now).

That's it, the list - how about you...any marvellous inspirational ideas for 2009, or just everyday ones that make life a little better?


depesando said...

mine are duller than yours ( I mean that in a nice way ) - but I'm back to teaching next week, so I've ticked one box already.

Brax said...

Hello mate. Didnt read the comments till now. Thankyou for being there. It is appreciated. Xmas dinner was disaster-my cooking! but other than thaT OK. nOT GOOD WORKWISE MAYBE TRIBUNAL LOOMING BUT THEN i HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE HAVING LOST £800 ALREADY AND PAY MY UNION FEES DD.Its all daunting for me tho! sOS bout caps locks. I hate em. -the difficult bit is dealing with bosses til 19th jan!Only english teachers need caps letters! You fancy trying out francinsence and myrrh soap (real resin vs extractions!)and ginger and lime,i havent made yet but will do once retiled kitchen-(our new year project). Need feedback for next xmas! sos you didnt get coconut but wasnt worth getin!AND SEAWEED AND SEASALT SMELT LIKE MACREL!

still you/i cant win em all......

May all your dreams come true in 2009!

tattyhousehastings said...

Exciting on the teaching front Richard - well done, am v. pleased teaching is not affected by credit crunch - (except for less Christmas chocolates/presents this year - or that could just be parents not liking M as much)
Brax - lovely to hear from you, hold on in there with work, or at least keep up with the escape plan - sounds like the business getting there! Yes, love to try any soaps, apart from mackerel of course!

Eni said...

I am glad you read Enid Blyton as a child. Me too, which explains why I decided to write and publish a book on her, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (
Stephen Isabirye