Monday, 26 January 2009

Going to bed early is the new Rock and Roll

It was like visiting a hotel last night, we went to bed early and watched TV in bed. Total luxury and the going to sleep early bit meant I'm (almost) full of the joys of spring this morning.

I say almost because of course I did not jump out of bed with the alarm clock, but I'm up, having coffee, two out of three of us are ready for the day. The third one, Ol is still messing about getting dressed - it's only been an hour so far and I still haven't shouted at him. Will have to soon though 'cos can't be late for school due to son spending over thirty minutes choosing his socks.

I think Americans (confirm please any reading Americans?) tend to go to bed earlier and at least in my head, drink less, and feel wonderful in the morning? Is this the case? I think I read it in a novel sometime, but it also described how American mommy look is lots of make up with fitness wear. Which may be right but is opposite to our look here; which is I guess a little dressier generally with subtle make up. However I am feeling very American mommy - ish today, although not a pig in a suit (hardly!) but more a Desperate Housewife. Sort of like Gabriella when she lost her way and gained a bit too much weight. We have 'knit' (inverted commas to denote and recognise that more drinking and talking takes place than knitting) nights here, they have card nights. And I do love my neighbourhood too.

Anyway I don't care about make up or clothes today, or even my hypothetical white picket fence falling down. I feel great. And have lost ten pounds all together now!!

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