Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Cutesy Kitsch Rubbish

Can get too much, fills holes of house with clutter, can turn from cute to twee and I'm sick of it.

From now on my new style is modernist, sort of 90's habitat, all good edges, some soft lines on sofa's, and greys and pale pinks. I will no longer covert the tat that I don't have, but in true 90's style will get a new career, earn lots of money, and then put all my new purchases on credit card. I shall not pay these cards off in a timely manner because I will be too busy taking little weekend breaks to new 'happening' cities like Prague and Seville, and possibly even Marrakesh. I may actually purchase a little house in the souk in Marrakesh on my credit card, and do it up by employing reliable colourful locals, and fill it with authentic blue coloured Moroccan 'finds'.

Or, alternatively, I might just go to bed early with a new book, come down in the morning, bored with my unstylish house, and knit some things to jazz it up a bit.

Style ideas anyone?

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