Monday, 22 September 2008

Home to Task Central

Just back from a lovely weekend in Swindon, spent the journey home on the M4 pondering whether there are any poor areas along the corridor. The whole area seems so affluent now, and full of shiny cars (thanks to Honda/Toyota I guess). Made the evil keyed bit of my car look slightly, well terrible. Suspect police would stop us in Swindon if had a chance for having most rubbish car. We got stopped near Swindon once before about, well ten years ago now in our £200 Ford Fiesta, or Phil, as we called him. Apparently it was because they needed £20 from me for not wearing my seat belt. I think it was just because our car was scruffy. And we'd even been to Waitrose beforehand, so were most definitely proper. I think we even had jobs, although we were living the dream in Hackney at the time.

This time however, nothing happened, we had a nice quiet journey home, then got back and remembered. The house is dirty and smells like a dog (sorry Daisy, not your fault mine for being rubbish scaredy cat owner and not bathing you yet). And washing needed doing. And don't even start me on changing sheets, or emptying bins.

So have taken lovely M to work as bus mysteriously did not arrive, Ol for his first proper day to school today, had a little emotional moment at the gate when I forgot to leave, then off to the supermarket for a budget weekly shop, then home to wash up, dry up, tidy up, put clothes on line, empty bins, open curtains (yes this is a job for me!), feed Daisy, take glasses downstairs from bedrooms and wipe J's nose twenty times. Now have decided to sit down and write about next jobs this morning. Which are;

  • Walk the dog - would be fun but have to take 3 year old who is hungry all the time, and has a cold with me...oh and who just wants a cuddle.

  • Take the washing off the line, and put more on.

  • Vacuum where dirt is obvious, yes I am a household slut

  • Mop, just got to be done today, must make 3 year old and dog sit on chairs and not move while I do it, or play in garden or sit on table. Don't care - as long as no welly/paw marks on floor.

  • Dust spare room and put sheets on bed for new students coming tonight.

  • Make dinner for six people including students

  • Email Defra with flight for Daisy Dog....

  • Buy more washing powder

  • Unpack bag from weekend

  • Make meal plan for the week - boring, boring, boring. Do have coconut milk for yummy Thai curry though - might try tofu this time.

Any get rich/get cleaner quick tips appreciated!


Anonymous said...

get rich get cleaner, how to do both with one quick idea, sell the kids!

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

burn house, claim insurance, move to France.

tattyhousehastings said...

It's either that or get a routine - where is Anthea when I need her?