Friday, 12 September 2008


I just can't get it together this morning, have accidentally invited 19 children to Ol's fifth birthday party tomorrow. Think it was to over compensate for him not yet starting school so invited my friends and their children, and some of his friends from nursery who I don't know. Now having grubby house, no food made, monster cake to invent, cakes to play, children to entertain, adults to squeeze in, and what to do with Daisy Dog dilemma.

Had a brainwave of game, well read it in a book, to fill little milk cartons with plaster of paris, drop small plastic monster toys in, harden, and then let children be archaeologists and free monsters with some basic tools. Even collected milk cartons, but did not buy plaster of paris. Then started to worry they would attack each other with basic tools, and walk plaster in to only bit of carpet we had, dog would eat it, oh and it would be all bad.

Harriet has come up with a new plan though, freezing water, apparently this was part of a school science lesson she once did, children had to work out the quickest way to get toys out. So now all I have to do is sort out the freezer, find some toys, cut tops of cartons, um, clean them and well, it should work.

Trouble is I've become a little obsessed with Thai green curry, and can only think about next time I can have it, and if there is an alternative to coconut cream, that is the same but lower in fat. We had it for tea again last night, and really fancy it again tonight, oh and as party food.

Last party we hosted, Jem's for some reason all food was brown and beige and hence did not look very exciting. Am determined not to make that same mistake again, but to make food healthy and deletable looking. Must buy colourful fruit. Do have smarties biscuits so that is all good.

Also had fantastic idea of making lemonade ice lollies and freezing sweets in them, but simply have not got 20 lolly holders, or room in freezer, or in fact any lemonade, so am amazing mother in head only.

Reality will be a couple of marmite sandwiches and some bread sticks. Looking forward to it?


Day from hell said...

Procrastinaton even?!?

and the marmite went down better than cheese did.

depesando said...

when I was a very young child for Birthday party one year my mother used a Victorian rabbit jelly mould, she made a fairly clear jelly with sugar mice floating inside it, I think the idea came out of a '70s cook book, when I saw it I thought the mice were real and became hysterical, eventually everyone had to go home and I was put to bed....probably still screaming.

tattyhousehastings said...

Hmm, possibly I'm related to her - have frozen mini Daleks in milk cartons, children have not seen them yet. Also make some ice cubes with sweets in. Not sure why, just found some veggie Haribou on line and got excited so wanted to use them. Will pop them in the jug of organic juice or something.

Once when Ol was a baby and woke up in his cot I thought it would be hilarious to run in his room and rather than say hello, roar like a lion. It was very traumatic for him, and gave me severe doubts about my parenting skills.

n.b. My mum also had a metal rabbit mould (is that how you spell it?) that she made milky jelly in. We loved it.