Friday, 19 September 2008

What shall I make next?

This is, of course, why I'm not one of those gorgeous bloggers with pastel blogs full of beauty and style. I'm at a making crisis. I think I have temporarily given up writing for a living, suspect am not actually any better than anyone else who can string a couple of words together, and also don't know about anything much to write about. Wish I was actually an expert in something, like my friend Sam, who's am expert at printing and photography, and so is an author of books about those. All I know is about how silly I can be, and how to write the odd boring strategy etc.

So, have decided to seriously give making things for a living a serious go. Sadly am always reminded by fair trade ideas, and of the women in villages abroad who struggle to get a decent price for their home sewn/knitted garments. It's kind of the same here - if you break down making stuff in to per hour and money earned its very disheartening. Still I do enjoy making stuff, and am most definitely having crisis of confidence about being able to do anything else (weave baskets perhaps?) so will give it a go.

This brings me to my making choices this week -
  • Knitted stripy legwarmers for babies - that work as little leggings whilst nappy changing, and also as protection whilst crawling. There are over 130 pages of these on etsy. Can't decide if that is good or bad but do know I felt bad for Ol when he was learning to crawl on our wooden floors so would have bought some myself had I known they existed.

  • Grown up leg warmers - I have two pairs of these myself and love love love them. I have to admit to not wearing them out, especially not round and about the Old Town, as would be in danger of looking rather like a lady wot lunches who wears Crocs. But...they are great, cute, warm, and mean can wear a skirt in the evenings and not freeze, plus go with Birkies or flip flops.

  • Knitted wrist bands, decorated with beads and buttons. I have a gorgeous vision of how lovely these could be, a real everyday, practical sort of jewellery. These would look great in the winter, and have the added bonus of keeping one warm. Just need to create the lovely things! Well I've made a couple, one on etsy, and some for the kids but these are more wrist bands, less decorated at this stage.

  • Oh, and of course in a couple of months will do some Christmas wreaths, had loads of fun making these last year and looking forward to doing the same again. Very tempted to add my little pony and other various plastic toys I love to these.

Any thoughts? Or should I just, as my friend N said, just go back to bloody work.

(can't can't can't)


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The wrist band is very pretty. As it is made up of wool stuff and it might be very soft. It is a handmade product that is why it is looking very pretty.


Anonymous said...

start your christmas puddings and cakes. perfect excuse to have a tipple at the same time!

if you are looking for work but don't want anything to taxing, why not try the places that take on temp christms staff, most are advertising now.

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The wrist band is very pretty. It looks like it's hand-made that is why it is looking pretty.


Mits said...

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hemant said...

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tattyhousehastings said...

Thank you everyone for such supportive comments, and so many hits today. Where did you all come from??? Not that I'm complaining, its lovely.