Monday, 15 September 2008

Plastic People in Ice Worked Well

Just a quick note to self to say that the plastic funny bones people worked very well in ice, and were exceptionally cute. Tried to take a photo of them but children had already bashed them to pieces.

Also confused as to how I manage to befuddle parents of children's friends so much that every year since we've lived here one child arrives all excited, with a present, and a party outfit on. On the wrong day! Last year was worse as I blurted out; 'But its not today', in front of lovely sensitive child who had to be cheered up by making marzipan Sonic hedgehogs. This year I managed to express confusion subtly to the mummy whilst letting the children play together. I'm imagining visiting children understood somehow they had missed the party, but took it on the chin. Either that or they thought son had no other friends, and a mean mother who did not even bake a cake.

Not sure if it is me as did send invitations out both times, or just that I talk too much when I do see people so therefore add new days in their heads. Don't think this happens to the Queen at her parties.

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