Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The vets are lovely, and it is nearly time to say goodbye to the dog

Just back from a visit to the lovely vet clinic. It's a gorgeous sort of triangle shaped lodge with a wooden roof, set back from the road in some woodland. I love it there. The people are friendly, the dogs are happy, and the pet toys look so much fun.

Daisy the dog, who's visiting while she's sorting out her pet passport did not even cry when the vet took a blood sample. She did seem a little keen to get out the examining room though. It has been absolutely delightful to have Daisy for three weeks now, she's funny, playful, affectionate and just well lovely to have about. We'll be really sad to see her go.

I have learnt from my time as a puppy owner though;
  • I've learnt that it is no fun walking a dog and pushing a buggy
  • That dogs will eat anything they find apart from raw vegetables that get dropped by accident.
  • Dogs, particularly puppies are almost as hard work as having a toddler, think the grabbing, random chewing anything, weeing everywhere stage.
  • I'm proud of my surrogate dog daughter for becoming a woman now.
  • Children are more troublesome for dogs than vice versa. Nice dogs that is, even nice children are troublesome for dogs.
  • They get through loads and loads of food, almost unbelievable how much.
  • They love to play, and I love to play with them.
  • We will have a dog, but not right now - too expensive to keep, and need to ditch the buggy first. Not sure what age can actually bin the thing as will be doing Killer Hill walk two times a day from tomorrow.

Other most important thing consuming my thoughts at the moment, is lovely Ol starting school tomorrow. I love his school, his teacher is exactly how I'd want my Reception teacher, the children are fantastic, and the playground. But...they want him there all day, and for years!

I'm missing his cheery little skips already, and constant conversations that start with; 'One day, can I (insert have certain toy or watch violence like Tom and Jerry)'.

Good luck Ol, I know you'll do great and be great, and wish I could spy on you from the classroom wall. And yes, I know I'll still see him before and after school and every holiday but he's growing up, and away slowly. Changes.

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Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Coopers are brilliant, that vets is like a country cub!! I wonder if they would interested in taking over the NHS?