Thursday, 4 September 2008

First Blood

Daisy Dog, our month long puppy visitor had just become a woman, and boy, do we know it! She is sleepier than normal, would like to say hormonal but her moods are so delightful constantly don't think that is the case...but she is bleeding. Everywhere.

We've banned her from sofa's and chairs but the naughty thing sneaks up on them when we are out of the room. That is, when she is not in her preferred bed; the cat's. We tried shutting the living room door at night but she cried all night and so loudly our neighbour came over to complain.

So now we're living in a strange situation with horrible old covers, that can be washed all over the furniture, and having to wash them every day, plus clean the floor, coffee table (don't ask!), and occasionally cushions. I'm sort of proud of Daisy Dog for becoming a woman, but at the same time a little grumpy about the work, which is, I know, very mean of me, so this is a call for help.

Does anyone have an answer? That is apart from putting a reusable nappy on her! Thanks for that N, but I just can't!

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