Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Normal Service is Resumed

Autumn is here, the leaves have been falling off the trees for a couple of weeks, the countryside is fading from bright green to a dull yellow green and school is starting. For the second year running now I don't have a new autumnal challenge, other than those I set myself. No new woolly tights from Marks and Spencer's, no new pencil cases, I did buy a gorgeous new set of felt tips that I've banned the children from though, no new bag or boots though.

I am getting excited about the autumn though, I love new starts, and new seasons, and on a shallow note can't wait to wear boots again. Especially now as my beloved flip flops flopped my foot over last week and are now out of action. The flip flops that is not my foot, that still works, although will need to find some autumnal nail varnish colours.

So, on record here are the new starts for this autumn;

  • Ol starts school full time, with proper shoes and uniform and new friends and everything.
  • Jem starts nursery properly, with four mornings a week, again new uniform (well slightly handed me down).
  • I am officially a stay at home mummy, especially with children starting/doing educational activities outside the home.
  • I will officially no longer 'let myself go'. This means a reduction in lager, an increase in Mac powder, more wearing of tights and skirts, and a massive reduction in cheese/biscuits/bread intake by me. I also intend to get regular hair dyes and cuts, brush my hair, and look in the mirror more often and most importantly to always get dressed by hmm, what's manageable, lets say nine a.m.
  • Making and writing will be my new cheese and bread and I'll continue to craft and create and update my etsy and new folksy shops...

So there we have it, normal service is resumed, almost, and I just want to note how absolutely delighted I am about Baby T's birth to N and G. Well done you two! And thank goodness you didn't attempt a natural birth at 9lb2oz N!

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