Monday, 8 September 2008

The difference between relaxed and sloppy parenting

As I write this my children are jumping around in their playroom to the Time Warp, loudly, whilst playing Playstation and entertaining some foreign students. One is still in their pyjamas and neither has washed their face.

It's very loud, I've heard a negotiation involving turn the music down, mummy doesn't like it that loud, which seemed to end in a loud compromise and laughing. And at the same time, I'm checking my bank balance in semi peace, well of course I can hear the shrieks and music, and drinking a lovely cup of coffee.

This must be relaxed parenting. I'm sure the sloppy kind is when they are actually arguing, or if I've given them sweets to keep them quiet whilst I chat with my friends, or on the phone. Can't remember doing that since the heady days of learning to manage with two little ones.

And what is the right time to get dressed? I know lovely husband thinks its in the morning, and can't help think he's right. But apart from gas men, and post men and other people who call at the house when we are unaware why does it matter? Does it matter? Are there certain standards we must keep to or have our neighbours twitching their curtains?

I have to admit to being worried that the 82 year old lady next door, who is always immaculately dressed, and hopping in to town and so on, will lift an eyebrow if I put the washing out in my pyjamas. She does have washing line respect for us though, no longer do we copy her when to put washing out, she has admitted she copies us since we discovered the met office on line. Weather kudos! Have to admit I thought she used to have a sort of spooky insight to the weather from a kind of elder's experience. However, think she actually used to just watch Kaddy, on BBC1.

Now off to get children dressed, lest we bump in to any teachers' on the way to buy sweets....

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