Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Vintage housekeeping and home schooling equates to very strong Christian beliefs.

Oh gosh, or golly golly gosh! Have just realised that people who call themselves vintage whatever; schoolgirls, housekeepers, parents etc mean they are Very Christian and probably would hate me.

I thought vintage was more about having a lot of old bits, or lots of pretend old bits a.k.a. Cath Kidson. But this is not the case, I think it may actually be a belief that a woman's lot is housekeeping and homemaking and child rearing so that they should not work, or go to school, or have any more fun than doing crafts and talking to other women.

See also home schooling, and possibly extended breastfeeding, because what other better way to control women than to control their boobs! Although do think this might be extending argument quite far. Had thought that home schooling was about belief in loveliness of the world, wanting children to grow up free of pointless authority, and political ideology, oh and a belief in the whole child education. (n.b. note to Harriet - fantastic idea for your dissertation religious thought as related to child centred education...).

Anyway am now disillusioned with whole world, and prefer conventional to unconventional, if unconventional is Radical Christianity. Can I start an AntiChrist Craft Group please? Where are all the non believers these days? Have people dropped Atheism along with the Labour party?


Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Antichrist Craft Group...SIGN ME UP NOW!!!!

depesando said...

actually - I've started - see my blog.