Monday, 18 February 2008

Crisis Time

I'm currently embroiled in a serious clothes crisis. Nothing I have, seems right, except perhaps one pair of jeans, which are, in fact a little low. This means I have to wear long tops, which aren't very flattering.

I seem to be stuck somewhere between two looks, the slummy mummy uniform of jeans, a top and boots, and some kind of crazy boho look of long skirts, with hoodie tops, and of course, boots. Trouble is I don't like either look, and just can't understand what look I should be going for, as a sort of practical day to day outfit, which is also cool, and makes me look my age, not older, or like I'm trying to be younger.

Even with unlimited funds, which I definitely don't have then still can't work out what to wear. Think a nautical look, like navy jumpers and white trousers, with Converse might be good. Trouble is have no navy jumpers and only white trousers are a bit tight, plus always manage to get coffee/red food on them as soon as they're on.

What to do next? Suspect it might involve spending a whole afternoon with all clothes, and ruthlessly getting rid of ones too small (am definitely not a size 14 or even 12 at the moment, and getting rid of smart work clothes. Pin striped trousers and playgroups don't mix.

Then will have nothing left in wardrobe, and can ruthlessly have one or two outfits that I will live in. Remember my stay at home mummy friend L telling me her husband approached her one day and asked her if her combats were her favourite trousers, as she'd been washing and wearing them for five straight days. She said she then realised they were her only everyday trousers that she could stand.

She went shopping the next week.


Christine said...

Cheer up - it happens to us all. Take good note of what the mummies at the play group/nursery wear. That will tell you what the local style is. You never know - there might be some good bargains at a charity shop (or not if too expensive). Couple of pairs of jeans and a variety of easy to wash tops will keep you going for ages. Ah - not all the world is London fashion based thank goodness or some of us would never live!!

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks Christine - actually local mummies are all very glam - either Cath Kidson/Boden chic, or almost rock star glam for the younger mummies.
And you're right - I do have two pairs of jeans I can could be worse, also have a very nice pair of boots!

Christine said...

So find out where they get the chic and glam from then - bet your bottom dollar they don't spend a frightful fortune she says laughing. Where's the posh frock exchange shop hiding? You know - the one where people put their good items and get a cut of the sale price instead of eBay she says laughing.

Anonymous said...

New blogger on the block and thought you might like a look.
Lovely knitting heaven yesterday. and good old teachery rant. Must do again soon. Im always available! Hope you are not too bunged up today.