Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Working through the crisis....

Right, I've sorted out my wardrobe, and am left with a tiny capsule wardrobe of jeans, and a few tops, plus a few more dressy bits, lovely empty cupboard now.

I've also started a diet and workout regime, nothing too harsh, just combo of low GI/heathfoods, and my old favourite the hip and thigh diet, also went for a walk down the steep hill, through the old town and back almost home, to my friend K's house. Have to admit getting a lift home from hers, and having to stuff my face with a banana the minute I entered her house. Luckily she was very understanding, and was much better than biscuits that I'd usually be tempted with. Just as I typed that, husband came home from Penguin, (for kids honest) and bread run. He said he did not know Penguins were biscuits, and lived in the biscuit aisle hence came back with a multipack of chunky Kit Kat's. They are wrong, too chunky, and too much chocolate for children. Can't understand why he doesn't automatically know where all goods live in local shop. Maybe I just spend too much time hanging there?

Also have inspiring plan to sell lots of odds and ends on e-bay, and then hopefully make enough money to buy a dishwasher. Spent a lovely weekend, with a dishwasher, and almost think it would revolutionise my life. Well almost, least I'd have some more time to write my blog, or play with the children, or just sit about drinking coffee with my friends, yes that's right, the easy life of a stay at home parent.

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