Thursday, 14 February 2008

Proud Parents

Absolutely so proud of Ol this week, as he as written his first word, bar his name that it. They've been doing healthy eating at nursery, and Ollie copied the word sweetcorn in to his exercise book, underneath a picture of it. So delighted with him, he of course thinks I'm being a bit over the top, and doesn't want any more praise, just wants to go and play inappropriate playstation game, Crash Burnout 3. Game is a shocker, you have to drive in to road junctions and cause as much damage as you can by crashing your car. You then get dollars for each car you smach up. Course I hate it, but boys love it, and apparantly it's like a sort of bumper cars so its ok?
What happened to hippy mummy me, I want to know? We're supposed to be more wholemeal than computer games. Trouble is when they enjoy something so much, and seem to understand the difference from right and wrong, it does seem mean to stop it.

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