Sunday, 3 February 2008

Damn, wish cheap clothes were better all round

Just back from a trip to the outskirts of Eastbourne. We went in search of socks, which we found, but also some shiny new cheap clothes. Sadly the lustre has gone, along with smoking the fun's been sucked out of cheap shopping. The cheap clothes in Sussex all just look cheap. And they're all for the larger lady or for teeny teens. Plus now we all know about child labour, and fair trade, and there is no way these £3tops will have been ethically produced. Thus, the buzz of a new top goes, and guilt replaces it. Damn, hate guilt.

Must go now and try on all owned spring clothes to try and work out my winter to spring look. Sounds a little obsessive I know but I do love organising, and anyway its not as focused as my old neighbour who used to plan her outfits for the whole season way in advance so she knew what she was missing in her capsule wardrobe. I have not even got a capsule wardrobe, as not keen on things one must wear from it, don't want a raincoat, a white shirt, or black trousers, although some little cute black pumps would be rather handy. Instead of said capsule wardrobe elements I share a childrens size wardrobe with husband, which is mostly full of pyjamas. Do love all of them though, but remember how embarassed I was bumping in to a teacher whilst wearing them so now they're just for indoor use.

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