Tuesday, 12 February 2008

House of Sickness

Just got called back from nursery, as children sick. On my arrival it was clear daughter was fine, she was shouting don't want you mummy, want stay here but son was clearly peaky, very white and tired looking.
Managed to get them home by pushing both of them in the buggy up a hill, must be good for weight bearing exercise. Then Ol decided he was starving to I made him some toast, he said he also needed a glass of milk to feel better. Twenty minutes later, you guessed it, he sicked it up all over kitchen floor, quite dramatically really. Thankfully now he's asleep on sofa, but moral of this tale, is, don't believe what children tell you. They just don't know!


Piper said...

Oh no! Hope the kids are feeling better today xxx Happy Valentines! Piper

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks Piper, daughter's really sick now! Nightmare, they take illness in turns.
Hope you have a good Valentine's night - I forgot to get lovely husband a card, oops!