Monday, 25 February 2008

Dreaming of Pizza

Really, really want some deep pan, full of cheese and bread pizza. But am resisting, and as an alternative ate some dates. They are not the same. Also have taken up knitting as a distraction against chocolate and wheat. Works quite well, but not as filling.

Anyway have productive plan to spend more time individually with the children this week, that will mean they have to learn more, and I will drink less coffee. Sounds good so far, just need to wean all three of us off Mickey Mouse and find some exercise books. Realised it was time to spend more time with Ol today, when he said his favourite things to do were Playstation and Scalectric. Am absolutely not competitive parent, but surely he could have a favourite Mummy thing in his list too? Or perhaps I'm just the boring one who cooks and cleans?

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