Friday, 8 February 2008

Wash Day Blues

Went out for girlie night in last night, got back at half past twelve and the washing machine was still going. Lovely husband got up at five thirty and it was still going. Have now deduced that its not daughters fault, she probably does not wake up to put the washing machine on a repeat cycle, although she is quite domestic. Must be broken, strange kind of fault though, to make it keep washing. Poor old machine can't cope with us, got the repair person coming out on Tuesday anyway as it melts itself when on a 90% wash. Worried it would melt children, if they touched the steam, as has managed to melt its own soap dispenser drawer off. And now it can't stop itself. Think possibly, it sees us doing so much housework, and sypathises but gets it all wrong. Wish had normal domestic problems sometimes, like handles breaking, not helpful washing machine.

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