Friday, 15 February 2008

Living the Life

We've spent another whole week with one child after the other being sick, am now utterly bored of housework, the house, laundry, television, DVD's that we own (particularly Bratz baby's, why why why), lunch, oh and the sick bucket.

Not sure why they seem to be sick so much, 'praps its something we are doing, wonder if I don't get rid of dust balls enough, or dry up enough. Also not very good at ironing, C swears by ironing everything super hot to kill any germs, personally am too lazy to iron sheets, unless we have guests, then I suddenly get a bit more domestic. I do wonder about daughter's hideous habit of putting her hand down her nappy, maybe that makes her sick, it is utterly horrible, and it has gone wrong for her, i.e. she has a dirty nappy and has forgotten. Leave the rest for your imagination.

Course it might just be that they're at nursery now so getting all sorts of bugs off other children, and some other children are also sick...or it may be our diet too. Have realised how bad its been since leaving London, we are tending to eat much too much bread and cheese, not enough hummus, fresh vegetables, and soya. Sure its mainly because decent food isn't so readily available, at least not from local stores, and we still have not got organised enough to have enough food for a week in stock. Have decided this is after a monster shop a thon last night at Sainsbury's where I spent too much money, on not even sure what, am going to do a health food shop once a week, then have a weekly organic box of fruit and vegetables and see if that works. Hate the supermarket, and lots of their food, like their quiche's, yuck, their pizza's, and their hummus, need to just make it all ourselves really.

Course now I've come over all tired at the though, have got to make it all when have cleaned the house, dressed and cleaned the children, rang the dentist, done some laundry, found Ol some biscuits, oh and maybe ring my friend to relieve utter tedium of Staying In All Week.

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