Saturday, 23 February 2008

Hectic Half Term

Half term is over now, for another six weeks anyway, been very hectic, and we've hardly done anything. I have managed a couple of marathon hill walks though, and given up wheat, all fine until got pizza cravings last night. However got through them by inventing new snack of marmite covered almonds. Would have prefered to have cashews or peanuts, but sadly too much saturated fat in them.

Ooh, and also managed to buy some upholstery tacks yesterday, along with a six pack of beer (hmm, just thought beer contains wheat but only expensive wheat beer so will be fine with Stella). Am planning to re-cover some chairs and a footstool, told a friend this the other day, and she was like oh, I didn't know you made furniture/did that. I replied I was having a bash for the first time, and she laughed! Is that fair? After all, upholstering is actually a skill, and isn't the same as having a go as baking a cake, without being a cook is it?

Never mind, have heaps of optimism, well do after a couple of drinks, in cold light of day think will start with a footstool.

Will blog an update next week.

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