Sunday, 24 February 2008

New Shoes Hurt

Bought Ol some little canvas plimsoles yesterday, for running around in and playing football. Have to admit banned shop assistant from showing Ol garish red and shiny silver trainers as one they were twice as pricey and two, I hate them.

Anyhow, we got him a lovely cute little pair of Doodles which he wore home, well in the walk to the car. After about five minutes he said they really hurt him, so we thought the lady must have tied them too tightly, and I said I'd sort them out later. Then he was sort of hopping, going ow, ow, I really like them but they hurt so much.

Later on at home, I put them away, and noticed a drawing pin had gone in one of the soles. Hmm, that explained the ow, and the hopping. Bless him and he still loves them.

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