Saturday, 2 February 2008

What's sewing?

Found my pile of things to be mended yesterday, and made a start on my lovely gold silk skirt. Have added little patches to cover the bits where I tore it. Can't remember how the skirt accident happened but think it was whilst in Essex. Good to blame another county anyway.

Whilst I was sewing it, 2 year old scarily bright daughter came up and asked me what I was doing, told her sewing and she wanted to know what sewing is. How terrible, she's never even seen us sew a button on to have to ask what is is. Felt very bad, and un homemaker ish. However, on the plus side she then produced a favourite knitted toy of mine, called Egg Man. He was made by a Great Auntie, sadly not sure which one, but loved him, and do remember old family dog, Sally also keen on him as he had a broken foot. Course I sympathised with Egg Man, as have own dodgy foot. Anyway repaired him for daughter and she is delighted. Usually I can't mend anything, and refrain when something is broken sort of goes Daddy will fix it. But yea, a strike for women's independence, I can repair knitted Egg Men. Just need to learn how to make them now, oh and probably how to wire a plug and change a tyre. Maybe also where the screwdrivers live (in the scary cupboard somewhere where things like saws fall on your head) so I can change batteries. Second thoughts, maybe its better not to know. Never hurt the children waiting for toys to have new batteries, or amusing selves when talking toys go slow.

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helen said...

Have a look at this! WE SO NEED TO MAKE THEM!!