Thursday, 31 January 2008

Scaredy Cat

The cat's so scared of the wind, she's taken to pooing right outside the kitchen window. Which I can see whilst washing up, nearly threw up this morning when saw it and realised there is only me about so should really clean it up. There were three different days' worth though, and was gagging so badly at thought of it all, could not do it in the end. Have left it for long suffering husband. Not sure what this means about having a dog, as would have to pick up warm dog poo with just carrier bag to protect self everyday. And what if dog got upset tummy? What would I do then, feel sick just thinking about it.
As well as shaming self with weak stomach re: animal droppings, have just embarrassed self at doctors. I'm convinced I'm now a size 18, as jeans are all a bit tight, so told doctor thought was putting on loads of weight. He cleverly looked back at the computer to when I joined the surgery a year ago, and they weighed me. Apparantly I was the same weight, give or take a couple of pounds for different shoes. GP then tried to kindly explain that women's clothes sizes vary according to shop (he must be married me thinks to know this). All very supportive but dreadfully Bridget Jones, starting and ending the year the same, whilst in my mid thirties.
However, am almost convinced new routine of planning healthy meals for the week, and putting the plan on the fridge will work and I will lose heaps of weight. Lovely Husband seriously spooked by how organised I am, and I think, suspecting am turning in to suburban housewife too quickly. I'm loving menu planner on fridge however, as am no longer boring self come tea time by making up delicious nutricious meals out of fish fingers and oven chips (add peas to make it balanced meal.)

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