Monday, 21 January 2008

Potty Training Failures

Still have not got daughter used to potty, and she's got her first day at nursery tomorrow. Am used to not being very efficient or in fact useful in front of educational experts, so will front it out.

Went to Brighton yesterday, and worse than not potty training forgot to change daughter's nappy, until about 3pm in Paperchase (which as you know is a favourite of mine, and could be browsed in for at least 40 minutes), she shouted that she'd had a poo. Took her over the road to Gap, and realised her trousers were soggy, and nappy had fallen down. Chose some new bottoms on the spot, then sent lovely husband off to pay whilst we hid behind clothes rail, trouble with Gap is staff are so efficient had to explain three times why we were hiding behind clothes rail and of our intentions. Too friendly really.

Then got home to lovely quiet Hastings, and a bit of a chilly house, and decided we'd really really like a dog. Has to be small and cute and good with children and cats, and should be from a resuce place really. Can't wait to go for walks everyday with dog, perhaps I'll lose so much weight I'll be a size ten, as in woman I saw in a magazine last week. Also dog would be lovely and warm, and could have nice lead, and bed. Also would eat all left overs.

Got very excited, so watch this space, had to ring C and S and tell them I'm blatantly copying them as they got a little spaniel last week, hope they're not too worried we are turning in to their Stalker Family. Also checked out how potty training dog went, S said once you have a child you can cope with anything. Yeay, so even I would be able to manage to scoop up warm poo, well I'm hoping I would.


Karen S. said...

You need potty training rewards. The audio and chocolate treats were powerful incentives to fully potty train our son. Here is the website

tattyhousehastings said...

Good tip, thanks, totally tired today, but promise will start tomorrow.

Boadicea said...

I kind of cheated. Got him used to sitting on his pot before he could walk (so couldn't run away!). In some ways maybe too successful as his potty became his best friend; we had to take it everywhere with us and when he was walking he would go and sit on it if he got upset! I did worry about the long term psychological effects, but he seems to have grown up into a normal teenager! (Well, if not smoking, drinking, doing drugs or mugging people counts as a normal teenager these days!)