Monday, 14 January 2008

Writing Thank You letters, groan

I must have not grown up a bit, as even though need to write these from own children now, they still fill me with the same sense of dread as a ten year old! As far as I know the accepted format has not changed since the you remember? on floral or basildon bond paper too!

Our house
Late January

Dear Auntie Floral

Thank you very much for the lovely Christmas card and flowery writing set. As you can see I am busy writing to you on it now so it has been very handy.

I do hope this finds you and Uncle Lechy well, we are all well and Mummy says we will come and visit soon.

Lots of Love

Little Girl

That was the torture bit, the format, I think nowadays its acceptable to leave out the hope that the letter finds you well bit, well maybe not acceptable I'm just plain bored of it so don't intend to do it anymore. Also finding a positive to say about every present was sometimes a challenge. With my children there is also the challenge that I might have written down who gave us which present wrongly, oh horror.

Mind you I had a traditional thank you letter in above format from lovely little M, C and S's daughter and it was very nice except I did wonder if she really liked the thing, forgotten what is was now of course. This year we made lovely little M her own decoupage stool, which she loved, except for one bit. I'd stuck a picture of a little meanie from a fairy magazine on it, just really 'cos I liked the picture, and was getting bit sick of sickly sweet fairies. Lovely little M was very hurt, as my two did not have meanies on their decoupage stools, though they did have more scary baddies. Can't win with four year olds unless everything glittery and perfect with a happy mummy and daddy who don't get bored.

Right, must get on with letters, oh no let's make them little notes, it definitely makes me feel better. Just wish it was a bit later in day with sun over yard arm so could fortify self with some gin.

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