Thursday, 24 January 2008

Good children, naughty children, good children...

Checked in the living room earlier today as children had been very quiet whilst I was washing up, and believe me quiet spells BAD normally, 'specially as there was a heap of washing up that took ages. They'd got a blanket out, and were lying on the floor cuddling listening to Lullabies, that Ol had put on the CD player. So so lovely.

But same time yesterday had left them in living room again whilst doing housework (bit of a housework theme emerging here) and they were quiet again, this time they had drawn all up our lovely white walls with biro. So not lovely, and Ol blamed it on his sister, only worked out his culpability after noticed the height of scribbles was only within his reach.

So my question is, should I give up housework all together and just spend time Sitting Down watching children? Or is that sheer laziness on my part??

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