Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Spider Disguises

Saw something in the damp patch by bay window yesterday, got bit worried was too short sighted to actually figure out what it was, and thought it might be some more alien ladybirds. Got lovely husband to check when he got home, and it turned out to be a spider pretending to be all squashed up and dead. Except it was really alive. Can't believe they have now learnt art of camouflage and will be sneaking up on me by pretending to be other things, like spots of damp, or alien creepies.

After the scary spider scenario went to new local yoga class, really liked it, but have to admit had no idea it was actually so hard, and that you needed to be strong. Embarrassingly was also the only total beginner in the class, so had to have more rests in between poses, and also spent most of class worrying about dodgy foot. My left foot, the dodgy one has been hurting for about a week, can't face seeing doctor about it as can't think of anything to actually say other than vaguely have dodgy foot. Have noted from past experiences with medical professionals that dodgy is not a preferred term and vagueness really annoys them. Therefore as am nearly always bit vague is usually better to wait for a definite illness before speaking to anyone.

In yoga, when you stand, up your foot becomes a sort of divine three point triangle, no doubt there is a proper term for it, but as usual am too vague to know. Could not make proper three point triangle with left foot, which was OK, but really did not need to announce to whole class that it was because I had a dodgy foot. Sure now they're wondering whether its false, or broken or deeply scarred, or something equally real. Well, perhaps not wondering today, as guess my foot is not most important thing they need to think about on a work afternoon. Still, apart from nearly falling asleep during relaxing bit, think one man did actually snooze a bit, so would not be on own, and really hurting self by having arms of a weakling, did enjoy it and will go again.

Other exciting news of the day, is that daughter and I delivered some avon brochures. Really could not decide what to wear, as ideally would like a little vanity case with samples, kitten heels and a little nipped in waist powder blue suit. In reality it is drizzling and cold, so am afraid to say was not as glamorous as should have been, and wore flowery pac a mac, and jeans. Should have worn Boden wellies to add the glamour factor, but forgot. Least I remembered daughters coat today. And hers is Matthew Williamson designed, so did have little glamour factor.


helenr said...

Re; Yoga,
My experience of yoga- at the trendy Buddhist Centre in the North Laines, taught by an extrememy bendy little man, and invariably, someone would fart at some point in teh proceedings. The trick is to make sure nobody thinks its you. Even if it is. "supple" is the buzz word of the day!

tattyhousehastings said...

Ah, did wonder why one person left the room for a little while!
Luckily my yoga class is not so trendy, in fact at least two of the people attending are familiar yummy mummies - and seem v. supportive at my lack of co-ordination/strength/bendiness. Agree supple very good word.