Saturday, 12 January 2008

Wine with Meals

I'm better! Yay Yay Yay! Not 100% so do need to sit on the sofa wearing pyjamas for the day again. Have not got dressed for a whole week now, unless you count a few hours wearing of lounge wear rather than pyjamas. Quite keen on lounge wear generally, think it was an inspired invention, the almost pyjamas that you can answer the door in.

Friends have been brilliant with the children this week, and helping with childcare, really really pleased by how lovely its been to know kids are safe and happy playing with other people so I can sleep. Loving having local friends, and have not decided to worry about whether son will get in to our preferred school down the road. Just read the handbook for east sussex admissions and noticed that 59 people put preferred school down as their preferred one, and got in, which only leaves one spare place, and friend H's son got that when he moved here in July! Really tight, and bit worried we are a little high up the hill, school is at bottom.

Am aware worrying about school is one of those pointless exercises that I will engage in, but will not help anything, so need to worry about new thing.

This is wine, 'cos I've been so ill, can't even look at booze at the moment, but had very interesting discussion with L (him of the germ car). He knows someone who believes you shouldn't have wine with meals. Is this a true British thought? It sounds very peculiar, but sort of believable, maybe we used to have ale with meals in the olden days, or mead, which would be strange.

But no wine with meals, just as an evening drink? In terms of a lovely Chardonnay I'm with him, I think? But to never have wine with a meal, maybe just lager, I just don't know, it doesn't seem right. Also how would you ever teach children about wine, I grew up having a tiny tiny bit with meals with seemed right. Although did never understand spirits 'cos they weren't really drunk in our house, not quite sure how you explain them to children, perhaps that they're just for sad old soaks, thinking they are tres young with their vodka and orangina's, when really they should be sticking to grown up wine.

P'raps the answer is in alcopops, or maybe just horrid old mead and ale, least children would think alcohol always tastes wrong. Will I ever drink again?

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