Sunday, 6 January 2008


Just back from doing weekly shop, and on the way home encountered a very normal gender difference between me, my husband and my 4 year old son

I decided I simply must, that minute go in to WH Smiths, (remember no Paperchase in this part of the country!) and buy some stationary, some nice coloured box files, and some magazine files. These will, at least in my head look wonderful on our new shelves (made out of twice recycled floorboards) in our lovely new study/work room. So rather than take whole family to shop with me, as then would probably have to have discussion on best ones, and then heated discussion why we should not have floral or pastel ones. All the time daughter would be trying out all pens she could find, and eating the rubbers.

So, anyway, I say I'll be no more than ten minutes and leave them and the car on a double yellow line around the back of the shopping centre. Once I get in to the shop I became slightly dazed by the choices, there were loads, although hardly any ones I wanted, too yellow, too purple, too black, too silver. Then I bumped in to a friend, and had a little chat about the best type, then purchased my favourites.

When I got back to the car it was gone, so I walked for five minutes down the back street wondering if they'd just moved. Then I looked back and saw the car going back to the original parking place, so had to walk all the way back to the car again.

When I got there, both son and husband said I'd been gone for hours, so long that they'd gone to look for me, and then had to drive around a long block, then forgot to see if I'd had to try and find the car somewhere else.

I was only ten minutes, and in my head, absolutely right, in theirs I was twenty five, and absolutely so slow, how apparantly can it take anyone twenty five minutes to buy a folder!

Gender differences! What's the matter with taking time to choose things? Friend C managed to spend 4 hours in Sainsbury's the other day choosing things, so she wins longest lady shop award.


Richard said...

I wish you well in your downshifting quest.
Hastings isn't such a bad place, I lived there for some years and have great attachment to it.
I worked at the Railway Station for 8 years - and survived!
I still visit quite often.
Nice reading your stories.

Have a Good Life.

tattyhousehastings said...

Thanks Richard, am starting to really love Hastings, which is good as need to seeing as live here.
Railway station is so modern now, quite the thing, very unlike anthing else in town in fact.
Glad you've enjoyed reading..