Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Top Hastings Bargain Tip

Mrs Rumble on Manor Road is closing down, and has an excellent sale on. No way of knowing how much things will cost as far as I can tell as they aren't priced, and she just says prices. Presumably knows all the prices in her head, and then cuts them to be cheaper in the sale. Very complicated system but definitely worth a look, as think she wants to get rid off all her stock, and thus is being very generous with price cuts.

Have to admit I find system bit intimidating, and shop because there is a big barking dog, and you're nearly always the only customer. Nothing I hate more than having lots of attention in a shop, and that's not because I intend on shop lifting, just that it sends me a bit crazy, and I want to be teenaged about it all.

Anyhoo, for those who aren't in the know, Mrs R's is a knitting shop, also has some ribbons, and buttons, p'raps its a haberdasher's without the material?, oh I don't know anyhow. And its in Hastings, so no use to anyone outside area, as absolutely doubt whether she has heard of internet, and positive cards aren't welcome. Lovely wool though!

End of Top Bargain Tip Alert for today.

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