Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Footballer's Injuries not wife

Ow, ow, ow. Dodgy foot still really hurting, especially when I walk, which I quite frequently do. Sure if shouldn't hurt after two weeks, if just a sprain. Lovely Husband suggested might have broken my M-something, bone, just like real footballers. Apparantly David Beckham does it all the time, neither of us sure what treatment David gets though. Or really how to tell, maybe an X-ray? Although not much point if treatment is just to not play football in games, but can look good in magazines. Will look forward to looking good, and OK/Hello showing an interest.
Saying that, probably best I visit the doctor first and get a real diagnosis. Not quite as vague as last week, as an definitely blaming it on the trampolining. It also made K hurt her teeth, so quite risky really as form of excercise. Plus, am still stubbornly a size 16, so that one session definitely caused more harm than good.
Just got good trashy magazine through the door, via supermarket points subscription, so apart from doing the ironing, making dinner, looking after children, picking up son from nursery and feeding the cat, can have a nice read.

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