Monday, 21 January 2008


Busy wondering whether Active Hastings, or the PCT have a sub plot of getting parents fit and active, or possibly just so exhausted they can't shop lift/take drugs/go out clubbing/undertake any other anti social behaviour which is popular in this town. Took the children to the gym today, children's gym, and had to do exercise for 30 minutes then sort of drag/carry them around a military style assault course.

And it cost me £4.80, and they got tired and moody. And to make matters worse, both children decided they have no idea about taking turns or sharing, so were most unpopular children there, thus making me most unpopular parent. Now we're all so tired out, all we can manage to do is watch totally dreadful Bratz baby's film on DVD. Worse, we're all actually getting interested in it, and the politics of the Mall.

Next Monday rather than have children experience things, might just go to the playground and lie on the slide for few hours. Best training there is for an ASBO, particularly if I go hell for leather and let them walk up the slide in their muddy shoes, and ruin everyone else's go.

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