Friday, 11 January 2008

Worst Illness ever ever

Oh My God! I can't believe how ill I've been with I guess a 'normal' illness this week. Was really ill through the night Sunday, got worse on Monday, and shocking on Tuesday and Wednesday, just able to talk again really last night. Doctor thought it was some type of throat infection, and the antibiotics have finally started to kick in, but jesus, was horrible. Couldn't eat at all all week, swallowing really really hurt, so much so I was avoiding it as far as possible. Couldn't even drink because swallowing hurt so much, then couldn't breathe properly through mouth because it hurt so much and could not breathe through nose as, hmm, not sure why but was too hard. Had to concentrate so hard on breathing through nose that had to stay awake and for some reason sweat loads (well, I suppose the fever).

Was concentrating so hard on swallowing and breathing that could not really think or talk, hence have had whole week of pretty much no communication or thought. Could not even concentrate on telly or celeb story magazines. Think M was also very worried about me, was concentrating so hard because did not want to end up in hospital on drip (either antibiotics or fluids as was def dehydrated) or with some breathing thing, not sure what the latter would be, but don't like the look of those Holby City mask things, where people can't talk without getting told off by Chrissie for removing their mask. Anyway serious concentration, and lots of antibiotics and nurofen have almost done the trick. Three cheers for conventional medicine from me today.

Being ill is absolutely no fun at all when that scary/serious so have tried to pin point how I managed to get the illest I've ever been (apart from after C-section infection but that's another horrid story). At first I thought it was because I went in my friend L's car at the weekend, which he likes to be warm so puts heating on. I have terrible hatred of car heating, just the feel and smell of it always make me feel ill, and sometimes I am sick just because its so horrid. I think car heating is so hideous because it recycles old dirty air around a dirty engine to warm it up, then never gets rid of it. So you're effectively breathing in air as old as your car, that is, unless you clean it, which I've never known anyone to do. Also L used to get tonsilitus a lot, so maybe his old germs were still in his car. Possibly I over stepped limits of things that is ok to say to old friends by texting him to tell him his car was germfull and had made me the most ill I've ever been, almost. He reminded me he had changed cars since he even had his tonsils out and that was over ten years ago, oops.

Then I discovered a new culprit, singstar on the playstation. Have been loving this but must be the cause, sitting around with mouth open letting germs in, and all in a small overheated living room. So no more singstar for me, and no more ever sneaky evening cigarettes. Sad about them both, but never ever ever want to have to concentrate on breathing again.

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helen said...

So glad you are back in the Land of the Living, but please~ never say never to singstar! Just when i was starting to love it and hope that papa dont preach was just around the corner! And we were all beginning to "get so good at it!!" Say it aint so!!