Sunday, 27 January 2008

Lovely Dog free weekend

Still pondering whether a dog would be a good thing. Was all prepared to go ahead and register with rescue centre today, then had moment of doubt about what we'd do if we decided to go away for the weekend. Think a little dog might be ok to visit most friends, but then had e-mail from some company advertising weekend breaks for Easter. Obviously want to go to centre parcs the most, but this does not really fit in to our budget, and might make a bank manager actually appear in a Bad Way.

Then saw advert for Butlins, really really fancy going. There's a hotel that looks lovely there, and to make my day, Same Difference from the X factor are playing. Lovely husband incredibly uninterested, especially in the entertainment bits, and says children far too young for the rides etc. Definitely disagree, but did notice if we went at Easter just to see Same Difference would be paying over hundred pounds extra to see Same Difference. Not sure if this is possible as it'd make us really sad fans of the X factor.

So the answer is don't think we'll go away, therefore could go and register for a dog, very excited but nervous 'cos I know how much work they can be...
Planning to go rollerblading on the sea front this afternoon, also very exciting but bit nervous as have not got rollerblades out for about five years...and am not very good at stopping. Still if I perfect it and get a little dog who can run alongside me, then I can appear in adverts for ladies freedom products.