Sunday, 13 January 2008

Singing is not the Cause

Have decided am really looking forward to another wonderful night of Singstar, Ol got PS2 for Christmas, and I got Singstar. First DVD was bit too modern for me, Pop hits in last couple of years, do like a bit of Shakira, and High School Musical but wasn't on the DVD sadly.

Then lovely M went out and bought Legends, it was brilliant! Papa Don't Preach, Sweet Home Alabama, Ring of Fire, Whitney and even more I can't remember. We played all New Years Eve (until we woke the children with loud laughing, can't have been the singing), all New Years Day, then had different friends over and played the whole of a Thursday night. Weirdly we all sort of started off a bit shy, but then loved it.

And then I got ill, really ill with my throat. Maybe Singstar made me sick! Maybe Singstar wore my vocal cords out, is that what happens to proper singers. Or maybe as everyone says, I just got sick (from car heaters) and I can play Singstar again! Yay! I may even have a glass of wine again, after all booze is always the cure, never the problem.

Course now daughter has chicken pox, so best we don't wake her up at night, but next weekend, here we come sweet home alabama. Any takers?

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Anonymous said...

Are you thinking of saturday? I cant do Friday but SO UP FOR SATURDAY!!