Thursday, 3 January 2008

Absolutely too old for drinking

Had lovely New Year, did lots of singing, and was only slightly marred by all children in the house crying to not go back to sleep at half twelve. Was sort of a ringing in the new year by three small tantrums. Very jolly. Still it meant we all had an early night and felt full of the joys of spring the next day, well for a bit until we saw the rain, and spied the amount of spots on Ol. Which meant he has chicken pox, and hence we have to stay in the house, well almost for at least five days!

Will definitely need new to do list for these next days so here goes:

1. Dye hair, am starting to look a bit wayward.

2.File all the bits of paper in various locations in the kitchen, drawer, stuffed by microwave and stuffed on noticeboard. Then never leave paper lurking about again.

3. Make lovely workspace/office complete by putting things on shelves, asking M to make big double shelves for alcoves for all things we have uselessly kept, like my old scrapbook from when I was five.

4. Vacuum horrid purple rug in living room, and put Somewhere Else until Moths get it and can warrant throwing it away.

5. Advertise things we no longer need on e-bay, shoes, air bed, poker set thingy, umm anything else I remember.

6. Oh, before 5, learn how use at least one of our millions of digital cameras and how to put things on the computer.

7. Take down Christmas decorations, shame!

8. Potty train J in the next week before she starts nursery, is this realistic I wonder???

9. Write thank you notes.

10. Make some proper healthy meals, avoid freezer food and cheese like plague as have put on at least a stone over Christmas.

11. Do some exercise, go for walks, when it stops raining, and do some pilates, all failing, make sure run up and down the stairs numerous times a day.

12. Be nice to sick children, and don't get too cross with them for moaning, well at least bribe them not to moan too often.

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