Sunday, 30 December 2007

New Years' Eve's Eve

Twas the night before the bells rang out for another year, and all was quiet in the house bar from the family crooning their way through Blue Suede Shoes, ooh ooh. Am loving new Singstar game, have almost convinced self that can sing now as don't only score tone deaf. Sometimes score amateur and once wannabe, that's got to be good, eh?

We've got friends C and S coming to stay tomorrow night, excited already. Have decided drink of choice this New Year will be Stolly vodka and champagne like birthday. Am wannabe popstar or footballers wife if nothing else. Will be better than last year anyway where decided drink of coice would be fizzy white mixed with orange juice. Thought it would not give hangover as contained juice. Was extremely extremely wrong as could not even eat delicious dinner at lunchtime next day. Might as well have had battery acid to drink, bad move.

This time New Year will be sophisticated and merry, have lots of nibbles and games to play, and will not break anything. Time before last M broke C and S's living room window pane, just by shutting it. Trouble is their house is made from olden days material and the windows are as thin as ice, and henceforth replacement had to be obtained from Windsor or Portsmouth or somewhere very Far.

This year we will play mostly Pictionary, which I bought myself as a present during the summer. Obviously hoping game will not become slightly risque as last time played C and S. S had been told to draw diver, quite what possessed him to draw a ladies hand warmer, or muff I don't know. Think that might have been also the time we laughed so loudly that we woke up all the children. P'raps it was the fault of the fizzy wine.

This year we will obviously not laugh too loudly, and definitely not in the garden, as upset neighbours by laughing couple of months ago. The laughing itself was not the problem apparantly, it was that it just kept going.

This year we will eat delicious hand made pizza's thanks Jamie Oliver and M, and crisps, and not forget to eat and get too merry, then will definitely make a tall man go round the block with a lump of coal, first footer style y. Can't remember if you're allowed to talk to the man, or invite them in, perhaps not. Might upset the spell.

Anyhow a very happy New Year Everyone, here's to a wonderful 2008.

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