Sunday, 30 December 2007

Bedtime creeping in to the afternoon

Children have decided to be as annoying as possible in the last few days, they are actually plotting amongst themselves of ways to get us riled. Daughter J has not sat and stayed at the tea table for days, choosing instead to either lie on the floor and cry, or to play batting legs under the table. Have tried time out but she seems to enjoy that too, think that we'll get no sense out of her until end of season.

Son, keeps an 0rderly bedroom whilst getting dressed, but the time it takes is getting longer and longer, may be some sort of dressing OCD. He also needs to discuss each step with me at lenghth, e.g. ' Look at these jeans mummy, I've worn these before, where did you get them from? What pants to they go with etc etc'. I've taken to deliberately staying late in bed so am close to dressing action but so can roll over and shut eyes between each bout of questions.

Oh and daughter loves her home-made dolls house, but is busy squirrelling half the actual house in there when we're not looking. After they went to bed yesterday, even before medicinal Pinot Grigio retrieved a glass of juice, some marbles from the marble run, some chocolate money, a giant dolly, and a satsuma.

Possibly we all need to actually do something, has just occurred to me that halfway decent mummy would consider that children going mad out of boredom and should be taken on Outings. As am aspiring halfway decent mummy will take them on outing today, does the supermarket count?

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