Monday, 10 December 2007

Changing Fever

Right, am totally obeying own saving money tips this week, have now changed gas and electricity to a (hopefully) much cheaper company, and earned £40 worth of wine - from Sadly not yet recieved it but sure it is on its way!

Then have just changed home insurance saving a £14 a month, which is loads -I guess about £168 a year, new policy only costs £19 a month and seems to be exactly the same level of cover as old one. Think we'd just stayed with old one because our old flat in London's lease was tied to one particular insurance company. Used, which was very easy to use and sort of entered your details in to the company's websites making it super quick.

Feel a little like I have been quoted happy, but not by those people in the advert, in whose care my lovely little blue car was crashed. Still bitter about it and a year on, they were supposed to just be changing my lock!

Decorated the house yesterday afternoon which was lots of hard work, but managed to sort of achieve a colour scheme. Well I've decided silver and white are primary colours in living roon so have banned gold, but just in here, and all other colours are present. Tried to hide all red baubles too but Ol put them up whilst was in kitchen then felt little churlish to ditch all his decorations (of which he was very proud of ) just to kind of have a scheme.

Oh, one of the other exciting things that happened this weekend was that we visited local pub. My first time, it was fun, sort of very local but with Great Juke Box, and only about five customers, so getting served was speedy. Drank beer out of the bottle though, so not sure if will be allowed back. Also played Abba.

Did not play shove ha' penny though, and will never play it.

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Kate said...

I work for uSwitch and so was very glad to see you have taken advantage of our Free Case of Wine deal that we are currently running through MoneySavingExpert and GMTV. In order for you to receive your free case of wine from Virgin Wines, you will need to wait until you receive a code from us to use on the Virgin Wines website. We will send you this code when your Energy switch has been verified to us by your new Energy supplier – this can take up to 6 -13 weeks. So, please bear with us. Once you have successfully switched and received your code, you will be able to redeem this on the Virgin Wines Website and your wine will be sent to you free of charge.

Let us know if you would like us to send you the link to our offer via MoneySavingExpert to enable your readers to take advantage of the same deal. This deal expires on 30th Jan 2008.

Many thanks

Kate Rosser –