Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Mountain of Hill

Our house of tattiness is up the biggest hill in Hastings, can't believe I did not realise that before we bought it. We drove to all the viewings then at home, just looked at proximity to sea and lovely old town on map. Forgot the effort entailed in climbing hill with buggy and pre-schooler. Locals say they get used to it, and quite like it because it keeps them fit. Does this mean that I am just extraordinarily lazy, and so are my children? Probably, but it is a major issue for us, puts us off going to see the sea, which is after all the point of living by the seaside.

Shamed myself on Sat by asking a woman if she was off the telly, she was, then asking her, if she was preggers again (she was obviously v. much with baby), then to make matters worse told her the gap between her babies was not very much. Can I shut my mouth ever? Perhaps if used energy hill climbing would not have so much energy to just be social reject.

Oh, well did go to lovely new coffee shop n Saturday as well, ate really yummy cheese straw, might have a go at making them, was sort of chewy with edam type taste. Then found some great Christmas baubles in art shop, basically round with decoupaged heads on them. Was particularly keen on Bille Piper one. Might have a go at making them too, quite fancying idea of Dr Who smiling down at me from Christmas tree (yet to be acquired). Oh, and cloves in oranges decorations grew white mould and attracted small flies, not greatly seasonally cheerful.

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Retiredandcrazy said...

Hi TattyhouseH I think that if you are shopping for Christmas and it is only 4th December you have to get a life. I remember(here we go) when I was young we had Christmas Eve afternoon off and that was when I shopped (after spending lunch time in the pub). Then we were back to work again on 27th December. Christmases were much more "edgy" then.