Friday, 7 December 2007

Frugal and Crafty Wrapping Paper and Cards

As I'm a make and do - ey person have decided to make own wrapping paper, and cards this year. The plan is that they will be more stylish than I can find in the local shops - garish, cheap paper with jolly Santa's on anyone? (Gosh, I miss Paperchase!).

But no matter, the children and I are as classy as Paperchase. It's been raining for the last three days so we've made a good start sorting out these bits and bobs.

Button jar - over the years, I've kept spare buttons that come with clothes but rarely used them. I'm afraid they were all in the little plastic bags and in all different locations around the house, from jewellery box, to sewing bag, to drawer of junk in kitchen. Have now put them in a nice old Bon Maman jar and they look lovely, and more importantly are available for craft and sewing if needed.

Fabric box- I just realised a couple of months ago, that throwing old fabric, clothes, pillow cases etc in the rubbish was a total waste. They either needed recycling, taking to charity shops if in ok condition, or kept to be re- used for something else. As I've only been doing this for a couple of months, I've re-used some old t-shirts as cleaning cloths, they're really good at messy jobs like blacking the fire as can just throw them out afterwards. Anyway I've put the few bits I do have in my fabric box, plus I've got quite a few tiny samples of fabric to think about, possible new carpets, possible curtains, but definitely good for craft projects whilst I think about it. Just need to buy some pinking shears today.

Ribbon box - I've been saving all little bits of ribbon, exactly as I remember my grandma used to, which is very satisfying. These have come from wrapped pyjamas, presents, chocolates, even an old tie from blouse, and a tie from a picnic blanket plus I bought a couple of metres in a local bargain shop. It was very lovely curling them up and placing them in a tin, course, I banned children from touching them, as they wanted to play dancing, no really I did let them but then banned them.

I've also collected these supplies;

brown paper for wrapping,
blank card and envelopes
double sided tape
normal tape
hole punch
Christmas stampers (v. cheap from tchibo last year)
teeny hole punches, heart and star
crayons, felt tips and paints
PVA glue
Glue stick
Little pictures cut out from magazines (usually by me am afraid sort of occupies my hands whilst watching telly)
Some wire, think its galvanised
Little jar of cloves

I need some pinking shears, will try and get some today, also something to cut the wire with as it really hurts my hands and doesn't seem to cut with scissors. Helpful husband told me the thing I needed but afraid I promptly forgot, and suspect thing is in depths of Scary Understairs Cupboard, am not joking it even has pictures of monsters painted on wall by previous owners in glow in the dark paint, and it smells, plus we've put so much in it that scary things like the saw fall on your head in there.

Don't have a precise plan for all my craft supplies, but feel rather like Hunter S Thomson's preparations for a party, see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas whereby accumulating the things (drugs and alcohol in his case, sticky back tape in mine) is half the fun.

However these are the first two of my projects.

Ribbon Cards
  • Take two postcard sized pieces of card and punch two holes on the left hand side
  • Thread some ribbon through the both pieces of card from the front
  • Leave the ribbon a little loose to enable card to open, tie up ribbon in pretty bow at back
  • Cut out shape of tree or star in unexpected fabric, think tartan, children's rabbits etc
  • Stick this on the front with glue stick
  • Voila, a classy home made card!
Wapping Paper
  • Cut a wrapping paper sized sheet from some brown paper
  • Use stampers or a homemade stamper (cut potato in half and carve out shape, think simple though, like a stars, circles, tree shapes.
  • Stamp all over the paper in festive colours if non festive stamper, or if festive stamper try using non festive colours, just use your favourites (no not black Ol!)
  • Let it dry, and you have some unique, recyclable (unlike shiny wrap) strong wrapping paper as classy as you are!

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