Sunday, 2 December 2007

Too Old for Sweeties

The children spent their penny collections yesterday on sweeties, out of sheer childishness I decided to have my own sweeties too. I got a packet of my faves - Tooty Frooties, J had white mice, and Ol had loads of lollies.

I managed to not eat any until I got home, which I thought was quite good, Jem ate all hers before she'd left the shop. Then we got caught in a gale, got very wet, ran in and got changed. I settled in the living room with my copy of the Saturday Guardian, which I love and my sweeties. So hungry to eat them that I crunched the first one, and cracked my tooth, leaving wobbly bit at the back, just stuck to my gums. So sad, and worse because I had to tell loads of people, nhs direct, receptionist, emergency dentist etc. how I'd done it. Almost wished I had had a binge drinking episode so could say was hard and tough.

Sweeties must have an age whereby you can't eat them a bit like the wearing of short skirts, or alcopops. And I have reached all these sell by ages. Actually short skirts and alcopops don't bother me, last time I tried an alcopop it hurt my teeth with its sweetness, and have not worn a short skirt since, well can't remember, so at least ten years ago I think. Oh once wore short dress on holiday in Corfu about nine years ago. Had sort of permanent red face, my version of a tan before I discovered decent fake stuff, and fat knees, and hair that was far too short. Basically I looked like a slightly taller version of Ann Widdecombe. So that was the last time.

Emergency dentist was very good actually, had an appointment within an hour of ringing today, yesterday bizarrely nhs direct told me I could not see a dentist and had to buy some sort of chewing gum to make my own filling. Course as ex-nhs member of staff I ignored their advice and just rang again today. Did not like idea of making own fillings out of chewing gum, even if it did contain cloves.

Dentist just gave me a painkilling injection, then pulled out bit of tooth. Was bit gross as was quite big and had some blood at end. Nearly asked if I could keep it but managed to restrain self. Have still got own wisdom tooth somewhere that I made in to a necklace and actually wore around neck when at college. Was not even properly a goth. Actually may have been an Emo in today's terms, but not really sure what that means. Probably never made it to a teen cult due to taste in music veering towards the S Club 7 or Wham types. Am loving Same Difference at present, will buy their album definitely if they make one.

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