Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Loveliness

I'm enjoying the run up to Christmas in the country, oh alright L and any other geographers out there, Christmas in a rural yet urbanised environment. Just back from immensely hectic drip to town, incorporating search for my perfect four slice toaster (not available here), and a trip to the supermarket.

The supermarket had everything we needed, except Pritt Stick, and as is not food stuff can live without it in nexty two days. But the main loveliness of the shop was the people, it was very very busy, aisles back to back with people, trolleys, buggy's and shelf stackers but everyone was making space for each other, chatting and smiling. Never happened in London. Well was busy but everyone miserable and trying to ram each other out of the way with their trolley's. Also shop assistants in London, mostly hated customers, and customers hated them. Everyone very jolly in this rural yet urbanised environment, and wish everyone a happy Christmas.

The decorations on our road are also nearly all lovely, sort of subtle gold or silver lights, and even some actually classy moving reindeers, yes it is possible. Love it.

Plus two different people this year have made us some amazing home made goodies. I'm absolutely delighted with them, and love how pretty they look. One couple have made us a home-made Christmas pudding, complete in a ceramic bowl, with gorgeous Christmas fabric on top, and some apple chutney. A new local friend here has made us some lemon curd, have not had this for years, and am excited to try it again, some horseradish sauce, and for the children two spinning tops. Absolutely brilliant!

Course, I know feel a little bad as all the people who made these amazing things work, and I just loll about the house watching Sonic Underground, course, am also Incredibly Busy providing good role model of lolling about mummy for the children. Will not be surprised if they tell teachers etc mummies just drink coffees and hide in the kitchen whilst children entertain themselves. Not too bad though, as long as Jem doesn't remember time I asked her to stop lying on the floor having tantrum 'cos mummy had to finish mixing the gin and tonic's. That was a very good Friday afternoon mummies meeting!

Anyway, am signing off for now, as need to go and find some church clothes to wear to the Carol Service this afternoon, and to finish off getting ready for Christmas.

Have a lovely one, everyone.

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