Monday, 17 December 2007


Fantastic news - lovely husband has done most of the ironing, he missed a little pile of unironed clothes we had, but fantastic! Now we have the luxury of actually looking in our wardrobes and having clothes, its all good!

Saw my friend S at the weekend, she tells me my blog is mostly about how cold I am, could not argue with her, and was tempted to start today, with a gosh I'm chilly rant, Instead I'll leave you the readers to guess how chilly I am, and its very!

Got lots of lovely Christmassy things done this weekend, just have to make a little food now, which is fun on on, bit on stressful side when have to share the rolling pin with pre-schoolers, also worry they're sort of intrinsictly dirty and will make everyone ill with their help. That's a bit mean isn't it? But really, left to their own devices they'd wipe their noses on the carpets, not least the oven gloves.

Off to the post office and library today, very Shopping with Mother, then might pop to the greengrocers and the stationers. If I was a decent houseperson like in the fifties, then I would also be getting some Things from the Ironmongers to finish off the dolls house lovely husband is making. But sadly, had DIY ears last night when he explained what we needed so actually have no idea what so ever. I do remember we need a marker pen, but I disagreed, and think we should paint the detail on.

Christmas tree is collecting many ornaments every day Ol goes to nursery, and they are great, only little problem is they are sort of Super Sized, especially as we've only got a teeny potted tree. Do love the tree though, and all our decorations.

Haven't mentioned frugal living lately, we're still busy making do and mending. This weekend husband went wood gathering, and we have enough wood, all chopped up with an axe too, but sadly not the giant one he craves, ready for us to satisfy our primal urge to burn over the holidays. I've also been slighty obsessed with getting some velvet curtains, checking out prices for new (not possible) and on e-bay, (could be possible but all the ones I loved went for at least sixty). I then remembered our local bargain paper; 'Friday - Ads', everything in here is for sale within about a ten mile radius, and often amazingly cheap. Picked up some lovely dusky rose velvet curtains, that although lined, don't quite reach the floor for twenty pounds. Totally love them, they keep living room warm from draughts, and match the furniture. Sadly don't match the paintings of grapes/and/or peacocks on our bay window - done by previous owners.

Still do at least give a grown up feel to the room.

I'm also working on making some curtains to keep the heat in our loft room. K has some great ideas how to do this, best one I think is putting baton at the bottom, and sort of folding them up like blinds. Just have to get some lovely thick fabric now. Do have some old curtains around, made out of lovely thick cotton, but don't think there is enough to cover both windows, and the loft hatches. Should learn to use sewing machine. Will learn how to use sewing machine if its the last thing I do this winter. Dreading needle threading though.


helen said...

Yes! Im commenting! Am always happy to help with a tricky window. Its one of my favourite challenges. Also love figuring out unfamiliar sewing machines. Much fun to be had if you need a hand.

tattyhousehastings said...

Brilliant need all help I can get with this house, M knows how to use sewing machine too, but although he is teacher, can't bear him teaching me anything. Sure he's totally different more patient with others.