Thursday, 13 December 2007

70's Lunch

We keep running out of basic food like cheese, and houmus, and bread. We can buy lovely bread locally, but yummy cheese and houmus involves long walk home, up massive hill. Hence have not been eating much of it.

Instead have been eating more tinned stuff than ever before, its kind of good as its quick and cheap, but definitely lacking in vegetables and sometimes you can taste the salt heaps in it

Today the children ate alphabetti spaghetti for lunch (can that really be nutritious in any way? Don't answer that please. I ate vegetable raviolo, which I think at least has some protein in it.

Then for pudding we had tinned pineappe with carton custard. Was v. yummy and quick and easy but do feel bit of guilt about it. They do know what McDonalds is, what sweets they like, and have even seen a Pot Noodle (of course not eaten one).

Trying to decide how bad a parent at feeding my children I am. Course I tend not, well nearly ever to go for oven ready food, like chips and stuff. But they do eat non-organic biscuits, sometimes with no nutritional value like bourbons, or is there calcium in them? When I first became vegetarian at 13 bourbons were one of my staple foods, so I must have needed them.

Have never fed children kebabs, or chicken type take away, or very rarely gelatine sweets. Hideous conversations about gelatine sweets make them a problem anyway, as have told children there are ground up bones from cows in them, wish had not been so graphic, as now they love gelatine, and hate it, 'cos after all what child likes idea of ground bones. There is a fairly high chance they will turn in to mini Goths I think. Luckily have old wisdom tooth necklace, I made after having mine out saved for them, so they will be Super Cool. Can just see them Hanging Round Camden, though hopefully not with Amy Winehouse or her children, just with maybe Johnathan Ross' children, they seem alright.

Will just decide am not a shocker of a parent, they never had Ribena or diluted red wine in their bottles after all. But just having a slack day, and at least have left house today.

Lots to do before Christmas, so again in interests of random historical novel to be published about life of suburban housewife and wannabe writer in 2007 will share:

  1. Pay £5.83 which we owe for 2006 council tax, not sure why, or if they ever told us today, but random bills always appearing and everytime I query them they turn out correct.
  2. Make Christmas wreath for front door out of ivy, and possibly holly berries if can be arsed to go to woods, or can source some from far away place, like garden.
  3. Change sheets in spare room, and in fact whole of house.
  4. Dust upstairs office type room, have not done this for well ever, but is not like we really use it much.
  5. Make office type room in to my making stuff hideaway and, make stuff in it, e.g. pretend crafty bird cage, K and I started last week.
  6. Finish making Christmas cards, think some of them look little, well rubbish, will need to add some buttons or something on them, def less classy than well me at present.
  7. Write and send aforementioned cards
  8. Post Christmas presents to far away friends and family, think have almost bought them all now.
  9. Finish wrapping Christmas present, prefably before posting to said friends and family.
  10. Remember to water tree every day otherwise it will be like City Tree that died before Christmas last year, was v. sad and told children would be better here in country as Country Trees more healthy, and have not travelled all way from Norway, ours is from Westfield, about four miles away so therefore must be healthy and fresh. This is because All Local Things are Great, and will reduce carbon footprint, stop global warming, help the little people, bring money in the local ecomomy, not support multinationals, and um, be our friends?
  11. Make some sausage rolls, and a Christmas cake, latter not fruit but just decorated sponge I think.
  12. Make some Christmas ice cream
  13. Buy some food.
  14. Make some ice
  15. Do some ironing, has been three weeks now, and pile is getting out of hand, looks comfy place for Baby Jesus to be born in.
  16. Get or make couple more stockings, from somewhere or other...
  17. Go and see Ol's nativity - can't wait for this one, he has four lines! My son a star, though would be v.v. proud if he was Joseph, although can't remember Joseph saying much, as he was Srong Silent Type.
  18. Cut Ol's hair, and sew button on his shirt before 17.
  19. Buy more sweeties for J's advent calender, totally run out now.
  20. Have Artists Date (doing, well would like to do The Artists Way by Julia Cameron) once a week. Next one to fabric shop I think. Important to do this one Without Children as they do Impair Creativity by simply being cute, sometimes, but always, needing things, like nose wipes, drinks, toys, mess etc etc.


Piper said...

Wow - that is quite a list of things to do! Christmas cake - yum. I am going to make a Christmas pud this year but it seems to involve steaming it for about six hours which seems like forever.

Piper x

tattyhousehastings said...

Yes, perhaps too long - not sure how much can delegate though, as am home full time at moment.
But am sure I heard a lady from Lewes talking on the radio about Christmas pudding she's made that you could microwave, surely even Delia would microwave if poss, though, not, I guess Nigella.
Sure its feasible though, although not the time to experiment!