Monday, 17 December 2007

Newspaper Paper Chains

We've made some, and they are great! Even got two year daughter involved by doing the colouring in! Of course they're not classy, but frugal yes, and environmentally friendly yes, as long as we recycle them I guess!

Been a busy day making actually, made a couple of Christmas wreaths, aforementioned paper chains, and did some more cards. Ol loving Christmas cards at nursery, its so great! He's delighted with every one he receives, like a real affirmation of friendship. It did make me think, we should all be the same with them, it's lovely to think of friends and family and Christmas and lovely to think they're thinking of you. It's what its all about after all, rather than feeling cross about long lists of cards to write, we should just send the ones to all the people we want to think about, and like, and all those who have helped us this year.

Here endeth the moral.

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