Sunday, 16 December 2007

Christmas at the Table

My Homemade Christmas Door Wreath, like the original scary fox knocker?? Gives an extra touch, well at least in Halloween.

Had a busy Friday, went to an alleged Christmas party at a local playgroup. The playgroup is run by, not sure exactly but either Sure Start or the Council. As a rule the playgroup is distinguished by the fact that the fun was sucked out of it years ago. Storytime is incredible, the story is read by someone who struggles to read, and to top it off, usually picks an incredibly glum story about bullying, or similar. Now I know I think two year olds can be quite bright, but its fair to say they never understand, so sort of compete to get in the way of everyone else at the front.
The least jolly bit is probably the singing, in which only a certain selection of old boring tunes are allowed, and for some reason we all sing them like we're being forced to. My favourite tune of misery is the Grand Old Duke of York, to which no one marches, there's not much action, no rythym, and most certainly no fun. Songs like Sleeping Bunnies and Jingle Jangle Scarecrow are ruled out, as the words not being known, or allowing the children to laugh.
Friday's party entailed this kind of fun, the more children were excited about it, and even put their party clothes on, when we got there it was the same bike circling misery in the concret yard, without even usual distracting art activity, as table was set with fruit and dips. After about half an hour or miserable cycling, and hopping about, they sat down and ate fruit, or for some, mostly bread sticks then it was time for a song.
Sadly, no one had thought about Christmas carols, so claimed they did not know most of them. Still we struggled through a limited grim set before going home. And this is where it was a party for the children, because they got a card and a present. All was forgiven, by them at least.
In the afternoon my friend K and little one (who had not enjoyed earlier party) came over. We wandered about a bit, then settled down to make wreaths, mine as above. Really enjoyed it, althoough did have a sense of K and I being more of a touch of bonkers stay at home mummies when two other part time working mummies came over, and were quite alarmed to see us quietly making things.
Still, afternoons like that make me love our house, even if its falling to bits, and the five children got out every toy and spread them out carefully with a space of about two inches between each, thus ensuring whole house covered in toys. Best thing about this house, is there is room for grown ups to chat and laugh, children to play toys, older more grumpy ones, you know who you are Ol, to watch Sonic X, and little ones to ride about in buggy's. Also have enough greenery in the garden to make million wreaths. Did stop at one today though, as could not bear any in house, in case they attracted fruit flies.
Wonderful cold weekend weather today, ideal for getting up ladder and looking at roof and side of house to see where leak comes in in rainy weather.

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