Saturday, 29 December 2007

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

Lovely Seasonal Ice-cream


100g of sugar
little water
half a packet, about 200g of luxury mixed fruit
about a cup or mug full of brandy
one teaspoon mixed spice
one teaspoon of cinnamon
one 500g carton of custard
300ml of single or double cream

Preparation time - overnight soaking, ten minutes preparation, then six to eight hours of freezing (start this at least one day ahead)

Put a suitable freezer proof container in the freezer
Soak dried fruit in enought brandy to cover, pop plate on top, and leave overnight
Melt the sugar and little water gently over a medium heat
Add mixed spice and cinnamon and take off the heat
Combine custard, cream and fruit mixture in a large bowl

Take container out of freezer, and add mixture to it.
Freeze for about six hours, won't be end of world if you forget exact timings, then mix well together with a fork to ensure all ingredients blended across pudding
In about six hours, or sooner if you can't wait, remove from freezer and spoon small portions in to individual bowls to serve
Add a crunchy plain biscuit, like biscotti or even chocolate chip to the bowls and eat!

Hope you enjoy, makes a lovely alternative to a heavier pudding, and is simply divine.

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